Why Japanese people don’t speak English?

bridge of Japan

I’d like to write this topic about Japanese English horrible from the view of Japanese.
Unfortunately, many people all over the world have recognition as what Japanese usually don’t speak English in the fact that even people don’t come from English countries speak it fluently.

Although Japanese have studied it while they were at school from junior high school to high school for at least 6 years, they even don’t say anything like political topics and their daily life. They only say “hello”,”good”,”bad, not say a sentence like” that’s so nice to see I’d like to visit again”.

I’m Japanese and I have same experiences in the past. Also I know why they do like that.In my opinion,I pick up three main reasons below.

・Studying only grammar
studying grammar

In an English class, students only study grammar,not have the time to practice for conversation, listening, writing.

In fact,I didn’t practice speaking at all as I was child. After studying new grammatical things, we just understood grammatical rules and took an grammar exam only.
As people know it’s grammar well and take high score on it, then they are measured as having good English skills in my country. Nothing to consider about speaking ability because no one speak it fluently.

If one Japanese just speak it a simply English sentence well like saying ” I’m not good at playing tennis but I’d like to practice hard everyday”, then almost poeple measure as same as Native English speakers with saying ” Wow!! You are a good English speaker!!”.
there is no consideration of grammatical mistakes and accents.Even they don’t aware of accents and mistakes.

Now scholars take it as a serious issue on the education.But Japan’s government doesn’t deal with this issue.

・They don’t get used to speak with foreigners
Japanese street
Cause of only few opportunities, we don’t know how to speak and behave when to speak English with foreigners.It can be said what we have never met foreigners in Japan.

If you walk on the street of Tokyo for example, you would not see many foreigners but see so many Japanese,not as same as Sydney where there are many immigration on a street.Particularly, on the street of local city, it is very hard to see foreigners and speak English.

Of course at school and at workplaces,it is rare situation to be with foreigners like my boss is American. My boss, colleagues customers are almost Japanese.

As if there are many foreigners on the street in Japan. we would have to speak English and our it’s skill would be better than now. Unfortunately,this opportunities are totally zero in Japan.

・Modest is a virtue

Generally, Japanese people think that a modest attitude of keeping down self-assertiveness is a virtue, because we are taught the thing when we were child.In the situation of speaking Japanese, we also don’t much speak, even don’t insist our opinions in a meeting.

We tend to behave modestly and people like modest and polite people rather than an active or easygoing person.This is totally opposite between Japan and others English countries.I’m sure this deeply connects to the situation of the conversation on which they tend to avoid speak up somethings.

As if Japanese speak English fluently,they don’t speak it so much. I guess to change their behavior, to get rid off shy behavior might be very hard because it has been for few decades as educational aspect from our childhood.

In conclusion, The reason why Japanese people don’t speak English is that mainly cause of educational aspects.Particularly, the thing we don’t have enough time to speak English. Clearly it is a serious issue, because in the process of learning English, it is vital and inevitable to speak up somethings somehow.

In my view, I suggest that Japan’s educational curriculum should be changed,not to focus on grammar and we have to know foreign countries well,because the real is that people only know Japanese language and culture which wouldn’t let them get used to speak with foreigners.