Why are Japanese so shy?

I’d like to write about a article about Japanese character, why they are quite shy.

Usually, I was asked “why are Japanese shy or don’t they speak somethings? Actually,I am shy as well. I know why Japanese are quite shy. it relates to the previous topic,why Japanese people don’t speak English.There are some reasons below which are just my viewpoint.

reference of a movie about this topic.

  • Educational aspect
  • Japanese school

    In Japan, being modest is a virtue rather than easygoing and being active, because We have been taught what we should be modest everywhere and not to be modest is often rude in our society.

    Our teacher doesn’t have good reputation to child who insist his or her opinions, complains actively rather than one who don’t state and just agreed what teacher says.

  • There is not enough time to discuss somethings
  • meetingroom

    At school, there is only few time to discuss somethings and we don’t have enough time to practice to discuss, how to state our opinions, how to state agreement or disagreement to a speaker,which are usually what children learn at school in European countries.

    In fact, We don’t get used to discuss and insist our opinions in everywhere. Therefore Japanese can’t say anything when they are asked a question, like “how do you think about your countries economy? or explain about your country.

    Also people don’t study so much about political topics and historical one. At school, we haven’t had enough time to discuss any topics, just cramming knowledge in a class for an exam.

    Therefore we don’t have enough knowledge to say somethings. Thus we do shy behavior when we are asked about somethings.In fact, some Japanese even can’t state their opinions in their mother language.

  • Saying somethings sometimes get a serious fight
  • fight in discussion

    As a friend has different opinions than me,sometimes it can break a relationship for ever, only because they don’t allow differences and they prefer having same or similar opinions,values.

    Usually, even if our friends have different opinions and sometimes get to fight,It can’t not means to deny our friend’s personality. However in Japan, it is possible.I have seen some situations,people got fight cause of differences and broke their relation with saying ” what he or she said was unacceptable because it was quite different than me. it should be like that … . From now on, I would ignore him or her … “.

    Those are often called homogeneous in a professional word. to be homogeneous is a virtue in Japan, because we are also taught this thing from the past.
    If someone is quite different like having strong personality, she or he would be left out from a companion, moreover sometimes it can be cause of bullying him or her.

    In short, to state an opinion sometimes can happen to fight or break relationship. Therefore they tend to avoid saying somethings and only say “Yes” or a positive short ward or nothing to say any words.

  • They don’t get used to speak English with foreigners
  • As picking up another reason.if you meet shy Japanese who just arrives in a foreign country and that is the first time. just because he or she doesn’t get used to talk with foreigners or speak English.

    I know it commons with almost people. For instance, If you just arrive in Japan for the first time and don’t know anything about Japan. we all are nervous and can’t say anythings naturally. But it will get off it soon with getting used to stay in Japan.

    To sum up, there are educational aspects on the shy behavior and it is also Japanese character including the thing that Japanese don’t get used to talk with foreigners.