Japan’s work environment why it is ugly?

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I’d like to explain Japan’s work environment, because it is quite awful rather than others developed countries. Frequently the word, “Karoushi” is called as impression of Japan’s work environment, which means people dead cause of working so hard and for long hours without any holidays.

From my view,It is true, many people work over 8 hours everyday and some people can not take holidays on Sunday and Saturday, even a paid holiday can not be accepted in almost case like wanting to take a long holiday for a week.

In fact,almost Japanese companies are not a good place for working unless you are workaholic, liking work so hard.

The reasons why the work environment are suck, below

1.Working is our life, value,virtue

In japan’s society, working is our all life, like working experiences make your everything better. But others like hobby,traveling around the world,studying are not seen as a good experience.

If you have not a job, then you are not recognized as a human.It is not exaggerated expression,you would be discriminated by people.
I know some dull people don’t want to work usually and we can not have good impression to them. I just would like to say this tendency are stronger than others counties,like no job means you are criminal.

Even if you have physical disability or mental one,they are not considered. In some extraordinary case, only studying somethings, like studying for a qualification while you don’t have a job,you may not be had good impression,as only you don’t have a job.

2.The more working the more good reputation.

How do you repute a person as a good worker Usually?

I’m sure that people who finish their work within the working time without overwork and deal with effectively and speedy can be seen as a good worker. I know that executives often work so hard because they have a lot of duty and can earn higher salary.

In Japan, the more working for long hours the more recognizing as a good worker. we don’t mind how effective, just working hours.

For example,two people work for a company, one works effectively and speedy and always finishes it in the working time, the person have never done overworks and have taken holidays on Saturday and Sunday.
On the other hand, another one works normally but often works over 8 hours and even comes into work on weekend.

Which one is a good worker? In japan, the latter is reputed and people have confidence to the latter. Even a boss has confidence to as the person have been dedicating to the company. Unfortunately. the former can not be accepted .

Also working for long times is the virtue in Japanese. To state it oppositely, nothing to do overwork can be bad impression as people are lazy,dull.
Therefore, by this reason, people have become working for long times without taking a holiday.

3.Government dose not suggest any policies for this issue.

The government have not took this problem until now in spite of the fact, people are suffering from the work addiction and few people kill themselves.

Unfortunately,in my view,the government does not seem to take it seriously.I don’t know why but it probably relates to the second reason above and politicians may think as if working environments have improved,the national output would go down because of working hours shortening.

It is true that thanks to workers have been working so hard after the world war2, Japan has become a developed country. For that reason,they and some workers especially older people still think as hard working makes us better.Also executives in a company can’t accept the improving because they also think that productivity may get down.

As long as executives and politicians are having the old value, That would not have changed anymore.

4.People don’t complain about the bad compensation package

Unbelievably,Japanese tend to not to complain anything as if they are in unfair situations. To explain the reason maybe complicated, but saying it simply, it relates to Japan’s education.

Japanese Education can be strange, because we have been taught as being modest was virtue but insisting our opinions ,complains are not as virtue.So at school, children who are modest and only nodding for what teachers said are recognized as a good child against others children who say their opinions and complains are seen as lack of sincerity.

It is same to the society, people who obeying bosses directions and don’t say any complains are reputed as a good worker, regardless what bosses say does not make sense.

As a result, workers doesn’t inspire to complain itself,they tend to avoid stating anything to the boss. Therefore,companies manager doesn’t improve everything, only seeking a profit using workers as like a slave.

To sum up, Japanese from upper and lower don’t try to solve the issue seriously and even some people think it is as usual in the society, make the work environment worse and far away from improving.

I think it is very hard to deal with this problem, unless Japanese people try to change their mind.

Also the reference of this issue.